Again, there is no guarantee she will answer any of these, but at least we could all try to get on the same page in terms of thinking of interesting questions to ask her if we get the chance next week.


Keep them coming!!  I will update this post with your questions as I receive them.

  1. What is the easiest and hardest part when writing for a new album?
  2. Which song came along the easiest, and which took the longest?
  3. What does she like about living in NYC?
  4. How is it different from the other places she’s lived in?
  5. Is it hard for her to hold back the new music for years? 
  6. What motivates her to write when she gets stuck or doesn’t have any inspiration? 
  7. Does she consciously decide to change her clothing style and hair cut for each era?
  8. What is her work-out inspiration and motivation? 
  9. How and when did she start liking working out? 
  10. What is the earliest song and the last song she recorded for album 5?
  11. Would she ever consider making an entirely acoustic album? 
  12. With whom is her dream collaboration (ask for specific people: Drake, Justin Timberlake, Bryan Adams, Bono, etc.)? 
  13. Would she ever write a duet with another female singer?
  14. What genre is the new album?
  15. What is her favorite song she’s ever written?
  16. How long ago were the songs on this album written?
  17. Are you a hands on owner with your cats?
  18. Do you still do daily chores, and what chore do you still enjoy the most, aside from cooking?
  19.  What is your inspiration behind the new sound?
  20. What artists have inspired you musically over the past 2 years?
  21. What keeps your music fresh?
  22. Why didn’t we get a RedTour DVD?
  23. Why did she stop singing her older songs on the B-stage after Cold As You?
  24. Why did she never perform Breathe live? (same for Come Back Be Here, The Moment I Knew, Tied Together With A Smile)
  25. Is it possible to schedule more (European) tour dates this time around? What does she like about touring best and least?
  26. Will we get to hear the songs she recorded for album 5/Red but didn’t make the cut? (e.g. her other song with Ed Sheeran, her collab with Pat Monahan)
  27. Is there any place you’d like to go on tour to that you haven’t yet?
  28. What is the one food you must always have while on tour?
  29. What would you consider your best dish as a cook/baker?
  30. Would you consider putting out a boxed set of your unreleased material?
  31. Are you a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek?
  32. Batman or Superman?
  33. What was your favorite subject in school?
  34. What are the background singers singing in Holy Ground?
  35. Was there a second set of hidden messages (besides the capital letters in the lyric booklet) on red, because allegedly there was?
  36.  When did she decide to have a cat and why?
  37. Did Olivia and Meredith fight?
  38. Why did she move to NYC is it just for new album or is it permanent?
  39. Does album 5 have a theme and/or a message?
  40. What are her inspirations and subjects for this album?
  41. Will this tour have a different style from the previous ones?
  42. How does she feel about her current level of fame?
  43. How badly is the media and paparazzi attention bothering her?
  44. Would she like for her future kids to be in Hollywood too?
  45. What’s her next move in her acting career?
  46. How common is writer’s block for her and how does she deal with it?
  47. Which part of the album making process does she like the most and why ? (e.g. writing songs, recording, producing, coming up with a name etc.)
  48. Instead of who is each song about, we should ask: how many people are there songs about on this record?
  49. What genre do YOU think this album is?
  50. Does she have new hobbies or new interests?
  51. Is there something she’d like to know how to cook?
  52. And if she had to live off one food for the rest of her life what would it be?
  53. What are her favorite new movies?
  54. If there’s a country she’d like to live in beside the US, what would it be?
  55. Have she touched any exotic animals beside the koala and is there a story behind that?
  56. Who are some artists that no one knows that you listen to (until now)?
  57. Years from now, what kind of artist to you want to be remembered for? An artist who has sold so many records and produced so many chart topping hits, or a unique artist who pushed the boundaries of artistic substance and took many risks in the name of artistic integrity?
  58. If Taylor was in a band like Paramore/U2/Coldplay, what would she call it?
  59. What specifically do you think makes album 5 different from your previous albums?

60. She said happiness isn’t a constant, they’re fleeting moments, but what brings these happy moments to her?

61. What is her idea of perfect/or great happy moments?

62. And if happiness is fleeting moments to her, then what is sadness to her?

63. Does she feel persuaded by her success to do things she’s uncomfortable with just to satisfy media/viewers/her label?